You may have a professionally designed site on the web. However, you are not converting visitors into clients if you can’t get people to visit your landing page. You can skip to the head of the organic search results with Google Ads.

We make Google Advertising simple for our clients. And, of course, it helps that Google has approximately 90% of all online search traffic!


Explore how to generate leads with Google local service ads to reach local customers by placing your business at the top of Google search.


Hit your growth goals with WebGaan’s Bing Ads management service. Get more calls, leads, and sales by accessing expert help from Bing Ads management professionals.


GTM only injects and executes a tag when a user triggers one. This reduces the overall amount of code on a website and minimizes the risk of implementation errors.

3 Reasons to Invest in this Marketing Strategy

Our pay per click advertising services provide you with the formula to keep your clients in front and center of their audience.

1. Budget Control

When using Google Ads you have full control over your budget. Essentially, you give Google a budget and once you hit your budget Google won’t spend any more of your money.

2. High Conversion

Because you’re advertising in front of people who are actively searching for what your business offers you are reaching people who are either ready to make a purchase or are close to making a purchase.

3. Analytics

Google Ads also makes it easy for you to track the results of your campaigns. You constantly have the information to make the necessary changes and important decisions, regarding your campaigns to get the best ROI.

Win-Win Relationships: Clear Budget & Timelines

We are dedicated to the success of your campaign. We require a commitment of 3 months. The first few months are crucial for assuring the long-term success of a campaign.

This will allow our team time to analyze user behavior and campaign data in order to optimize your campaign. Every campaign begins with the collection of a massive amount of data.


There’s a minimum $500 startup cost that’s required to develop your advertising strategy and implement your campaign. This cost is not arbitrary. Creating a successful campaign requires time and effort.


The campaign management fee is 25% of your monthly ads budget. This will be billed monthly as long as your campaign is active. (No Hidden Charge)

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