SiteGround Hosting Reviews

//SiteGround Hosting Reviews

You will find hundreds of hosting providers who return almost the same amount $$ you purchased their service. SiteGround Hosting is not an exception, in that case. On the top of that, they directly contribute to your online business by providing with the resources you need to run your online business smoothly.

SiteGround Hosting Reviews: Why Did I Choose SiteGround?

Hey! I’m a professional Web Developer, and I rely on SiteGround. I switched to SiteGround Hosting a few months back, and most of my websites are on SiteGround Hosting now, including WebGaan.

As a professional, I also refer my clients to host their sites on SiteGround as well. As of now, almost 85% of my clients’ websites are on SiteGround, and they are really satisfied with the service.

Long before (probably February 10th this year) I tried SiteGround for the first time, I used to host my websites on Hostgator and Scala Hosting. I also used Bluehost several times for my clients.

However, one of my clients once came up with an issue with Bluehost and requested me to move his site to SiteGround from Bluehost. I acted accordingly and transferred his site to SiteGround as per his demand.

Just one month later, I found that client extremely happy with SiteGround and sent me a tip for helping him switching the hosting. I started to compare the services SiteGround offer to my existing hosting providers and hosted a test site with them. It didn’t take me more than a week to realize why my client was that happy after switching to SiteGround.

Nowadays, I rely on SiteGround and host most of my clients’ websites, be it a personal website, business website, blog, e-commerce website, or anything else. My clients are truly satisfied with SiteGround, and so am I.

09 Things to Consider Before Selecting SiteGround Hosting or Any Web Hosting

Whether you are an experienced webmaster or a newbie in this industry, choosing the right web-hosting provider is always a daunting job! Wondering, why? Not just because there are a number of web-hosting service providers.

Most of the webmasters, especially newbies don’t know how to compare, shortlist, and finally choose the hosting service provider that serves the best.

Here are a few but crucial considerations you need to keep in mind when seeking for web-hosting service provider for your next website. Let’s check them out in the following.

Server Reliability or Uptime Scores 99.98%
Instant Customer Support 10sec ( Average )
Affordable Pricing Plan Yes ( 12 Month Plan )
Money Back Guarantee: 30 Days
Friendly User Interface Yes (9 out of 10)
Data Backup: Daily
Multiple Data Center: Yes
Speed & Performance: Superb
Advanced Security: Yes

01. Server Reliability or Uptime Scores:

The very first thing that pops up at the top of the consideration list is- Server Uptime. Web Hosting Server Uptime is simply the calculation of hours, minutes, and seconds that a web server is working.

In another sense, server uptime is the measurement of uninterrupted time that any hosting server system experiences.

In the case of SiteGround, they ensure the maximum uptime (99.99% as achieving 100% uptime score in the real world is next to impossible) with the following technology.

02. Instant Customer Support:

It is the second most important consideration you need to bear in mind while choosing your web-hosting service provider. No matter whether you are using a start-up plan or a pro plan, customer service of your hosting provider must be equal for all.

SiteGround in this case also believes the same as you do. Therefore, they always try to offer the most reliable and convenient customer service ensuring the following things.

Affordable Pricing Plan:

It’s another most important thing that deserves your kind attention. Price is always one of the greatest motivators. And, to keep you on the track, SiteGround Web Hosting offers the following pricing plans. Choose any of the plan according to your array of online business, and get started!

Money Back Guarantee:

It happens so often that webmasters come up with issues; even don’t find the services offered by certain hosting service providers are not up to their expectations, right?

In that case, SiteGround has 30 Days Money Back Guarantee, which is applicable for all shared hosting plans. So, you have the peace of mind when signing up with SiteGround.

As per the terms and conditions, you can get back all your money without any inconvenience if they fail to meet your expectation as mentioned in the TOS.

Click here to know more about Money Back Guarantee or Refund Policy.

Friendly User Interface:

Like the rest of the web-hosting service providers, SiteGround has its own unique user interface to make doing things a lot easier.

The friendly user area of this particular hosting provider allows you to manage each and every aspects of your SiteGround account that includes domain, hosting, billing info, customer support ticket management, and much more.

Also, with the latest user interface design, SiteGround has made access to the customer support agents a lot easier and more convenient. Some of the most highlighted features of the SiteGround user interface are as follows:

  • Easy to Use Tools Section
  • One-stop Management
  • Extremely User-Friendly Design
  • Contains Lots of Added Features with Enhanced cPanel
  • Unique Functionality with Customizable Resource Section

05. Daily Data Backup:

The resources in your website are fully secured with SiteGournd’s more improved Data Backup service than ever. While you have the option to backup data yourself, SiteGround also keeps the backup of users data stored on both Shared and Cloud hosting.

And, all your data will remain in the secured backup section for 30 days for Shared Hosting accounts and 7 days for Cloud Hosting accounts.

Moreover, you hardly have the risk of data loss when using SiteGround hosting. Besides, you have the option to recover your backup data 4 times faster than ever. It’s indeed something special from this particular web hosting service provider to the webmaster, isn’t?

06. Multiple Data Center:

The stability, as well as the loading speed of your website, actually depends a lot on the characteristics of your hosting’s data center and where it is located. The hardware used in the data center as well as its overall infrastructure also contributes a lot to provide your website with maximum loading speed.

To ensure the best loading time, SiteGround has three data centers located in the major continents of the world. So, you have the opportunity to choose the closest SiteGround data center depending on the locations of your target audiences and customers for the maximum loading speed.

07. Speed & Performance:

SiteGround Web Hosting is armed with the latest web hosting speed technologies. Also, they have the promise and passion of providing the customers with faster hardware, latest software solution, and the most innovative network architecture.

In short, they are committed to providing you with the maximum speed and most stable performance possible.

Here are a few things that SiteGround uses to ensure the customers with the best ever loading speed and outstanding performance.

08. Advanced Security:

Each and every hosting plan by the SiteGround Hosting is featured with advanced security and engineered for faster loading speed at the same time. Also, the security experts frequently monitor the security issues websites are likely to face.

Security issues are treated with great priority in SiteGround Servers and all their servers support PHP 7 by default, which comes with latest security fixes. Also, the Apache servers use SiteGround’s own chrooted technology with suExes.

Apart from that, SiteGround secures all the shared servers with ModSecurity that updates weekly following the security rules by SiteGround Web Hosting Company.

Moreover, SiteGround ensures the most secured web server using the following tactics.

  • Updates Server Kernel Frequently
  • Updates Control Panel Frequently
  • Updates Applications and Services
  • Uses Stronger Firewall
  • Uses Spam Filtering Service

SiteGround Hosting Provides an Extra Premium Facility that You Need to Start Your Online Career

To help you get started with your online career within the least possible investment, SiteGround Web Hosting offers several premium services free of charge. Whether you take these as a marketing strategy or anything else, what matters most is- you get the access to these premium features without spending a single penny! Let’s have a glance on the premium services SiteGround offering you free of charge in the following.

Free Wildcard SSL:

If you are running a web business, you probably know what trust means to the customer purchasing products or services from you. SSL Certificates ensure a secured and encrypted network connection between your website and your customers or visitors’ internet browser.

Now, if your website does not have SSL Certificates, your customers will hardly go into the transaction. That means you will hardly get sales as most of the visitors or customers will not submit their passwords or credit card details on such an unsecured page or website.

To meet your need as a start-up, SiteGround offers a free Wildcard SSL Certificate for one year so that you don’t have issues with customer’s trust.

SuperCacher Speed:

As your business grows, you will have more visitors and customers visiting your website or service page, right? To provide your visitors with a smooth browsing experience, no matter which CMS platform you use, SiteGround has its SuperCacher, a caching mechanism that works using NGINX reverse proxy system.

SiteGroundSuperCacher is available for the most popular and widely used CMS, namely WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. So, what is more, are you waiting for? Speed Up your Website beyond the number of visitors with SuperCacher by SiteGround Web Hosting.

Free CloudFlare CDN:

To reach even more customers or target audiences from the farthest corner of the globe, SiteGround hosting offers free CloudFlare CDN so that your business can be reached extremely faster.

Free Website Transfer:

SiteGround offers a free website transfer whenever you Sign Up for SiteGround Hosting Services. You will not be asked for a single penny! The customer support agents at SiteGround will be doing you this for free of charge and absolutely hassle-free.

All you need to do is- Sign Up with SiteGround and request a free site transfer from your Account Setup Wizard and follow the procedures appeared on the screen.

Do I Recommend SiteGround Web Hosting?

To be honest, you will hardly find Web Hosting companies suggesting how many visitors any particular hosting plan can handle per month. Though it might seem a restriction at the very first sight, their indication is truly helpful for you to run your web business smoothly. Guess, how?

Yes, you got it right! You won’t have to worry about the quoted bandwidth by the hosting service provider when you come to know how many visitors your website can handle without any issue.

However, considering the overall service offered by the SiteGround Web Hosting, I am truly satisfied! Moreover, the clients I recommended to use SiteGround Hosting for their websites are also satisfied with the service they are getting from SiteGround.

This is my personal experience with SiteGround Hosting and I just shared my SiteGround Hosting Reviews the way I experienced. Feel free to share your experience as well as opinion regarding SiteGround Hosting Service without any hesitation. I really love to hear from my readers and honestly appreciate their approach.

I expect that you read between the lines and come to know my personal experience with SiteGround as well as of my client’s. Hope this post was helpful and you enjoyed reading!

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