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How I Started My Online Journey

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Md Rashed Islam

Almost 9 years ago, I listened “Earn Money From Online” through my friends, Tariqul Islam who is professional Web Developer. However, I opened a blog through Blogspot but I hadn’t enough knowledge to start a blog & what topic should I start. As a result, I published only 3 to 4 post & shut down the blog.

As I was 12 class student so I had to focus on study but I started to learn Coding through w3schools & then WordPress slowly. In 2014, I got local jobs based on creating Business WordPress Website. I built almost 50+ business website & 15+ blogging website.

In 2016, my client told me to learn SEO & suggested me to implement to his blogging. He offered me – “If I rank his website in Google 1st page then he will hire me also SEO person though I maintained their sites.” So, I gradually learned SEO from searchenginejournal, backlinko, & reliablesoft.

At last, I reached my goal 10th Oct, 2016 & my client offered me to become a partnership to his site & I accepted his offer. At present I am still working with my client. I launched WebGaan website in 2017 though I registered in 2016. My aim is to get client from this website but I have already 3 blogging website which are Amazon based site & 1 beauty & health based youtube channel.

That’s all about me. Thanks to read my story ūüôā

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